Monday, December 17, 2007

Puff..Puff..Puff... That Cigarette

This is going to be a very short and to the point posting. I was so wrapped up in our surprise snowfall over the weekend that I didn't even realize until this morning that Saturday was an anniversary for me. It was six months ago Saturday that I laid my cigarettes down on the screened in porch and walked away from them. I did this with the help of a drug called Chantix and a lot of prayer on my part. I had tried quite a few times before to quit smoking and failed miserably.
Now here it is six months after the fact. The cigarette pack still lays untouched on the porch. I guess I really can't say they are untouched, because about a month after I quit Riley picked them up and brought them to me saying, "Here Grandma, you forgot your cigarettes on the porch." It felt good to tell him that I hadn't forgotten them, that I left them there because I don't want to smoke them any more. He told me o.k., then put them back where he found them.
I can honestly say that there has only been a few times that I had a craving for one, but tthat craving came and went rather quickly. The worse craving I had was the day I lost my mind due to that musical drug, Lyrica. That too passed though.
Note to Jo: It does feel good to no longer be a slave to tobacco.


Lynne said...

Good for you! My mom died from lung cancer from smoking for way too many years. My daughter and granddaughter both smoke and I really wish they would quit - especially Shelby - she's only 17 and doesn't need to get hooked.

Jo and JD said...

Thank you Lynne. My mother died from lung cancer too on my daughter's birthday in 2001. It took me 6 years after the fact, but the important thing is I did it. Chantix is truly a miracle in my book.

BClark said...

Hi Jo and JD, super to meet you. Thank you for comming to visit me and welcome back any time. You are so right, things happen. My little mishaps may be annoying at the time, but in retrospect are minor. They also amuse my husband Jim, and the kids so serve a purpose. Have the most blessed Holiday season, Barbara