Saturday, December 8, 2007

Life As A Quilt

From time to time I like to sit quietly and take stock of my life. Thoughts about like where I have been and where I am going. The joys and sorrows that have made up this life of mine, as well as the people that have traveled this journey with me. Some are still by my side, new ones have joined me, while others have wandered off along the way to pursue their own journeys separate from mine.

I use to hold on to everything that I remembered when I did my inventory. I found by doing that, I was also holding on to things from the past that had hurt me emotionally. As a result, I was preventing those hurts from healing and not allowing forgiveness to enter my heart. My plan is to work on that.

Have you ever really given much thought to quilts? Each one is unique to their own creator, therefore no two will be alike. Many people may use the same pattern, but there will always be variations in the colors, the fabric, and even the skill level of the creator. I see our lives as being very much like quilts. How wonderful that we each are given the tools and opportunities to create our very own quilt, just by the life we lead and the choices we make. Some of us will be very precise and careful about where each square is placed and the colors and fabric that is used. While others will whip through their quilts like a whirl wind and those squares will be placed randomly here and there. While still others will be masters at creating a crazy quilt. I can honestly tell you that I have created my share of those.

The bottom line is to create a quilt that you will be proud to leave behind when your days are through. A quilt that you can pass along to your loved ones. Something that they can wrap up in when the cold winds of loneliness blow and the memories of you, as the quilts creator will keep them warm long after you journey has ended.

Happy quilting!


judypatooote said...

Very pretty....I started quilting this year, and I'm ashamed to say, I'm the one that whips though... I started a wool quilting class.. very expensive, and no class. She gives you the cut out squares and pattern, and you go home and put it together...all hand sewn...I have one completed and it's on my blog, and two waiting to be sewn, and another still at the quilt shop....At $30 a square, and I would have over $1000 in it when finished....and that's just the material and pattern, not the I decided to figure it out by myself....fixed income would support it....LOL

I have an old, old quilt my hubby's grandma's made of cotton little squares with it being mostly's not backed though, so my daughter Lori said she would like's in a barrel upstairs, so I was happy she wanted it..... and my hubby's other grandma made all my kids and us a quilt, and it was made out of polyester....remember the old suits and slacks made of polyester? Well let me tell you they weigh a ton....LOL but the kids use them....

Well, I have been at your sight for an hour now, and have enjoyed reading all your posts.... stop by my sight again to visit.... judy from toledo

jle said...

OH i'm having a hard time letting go of some things myself--

i love quilts, but the only one i ever made started out as one for my oldest daughter when she was 8 or 9 (all hand stitching!) and was finished by graduation from high school (by machine.) sigh.