Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Mountain Man's Tale

Ahhhhhh the joys of country living.

Why is it that the trip from the house to the bathroom always seems longer in the winter time?

J.D. says he sure will be glad when we get indoor plumbing!
Just thought we would have a little fun with the camera this morning. We have had so much fun with this outhouse. It was here when we bought the property and yes, it is an operational outhouse. It is a far cry from what I remember as a little girl living in the country though. Those memories include some very unpleasant smells. This outhouse is a compost outhouse which in reality means little to no odors. The only undesirable characteristics seem to be the cold in the winter and the wasps in the summer. There isn't much that can be done about the cold, but I am bound and determined to some how beat the wasps problem. ( We are open to any helpful suggestions on that). It does come in handy when we are out working in the yard during the warmer months. The granddaughters (ages 14,13 & 10) refuse to use it, but grandson Riley (age 4) had no qualms about it. We are planning an outdoor shower sometime in the near future. Friends and family that come to visit are usually quite surprised when they look inside for the first time. We have it quite nicely decorated with pictures on the wall and lots of books and magazines to read. We even have a pitcher and bowl, soap and towel so hands can be washed. Also a bowl on a chair filled with potpourri. We love our mountain home.


Mary said...

I love your little shack outback. When I was a child we had one that wasn't near as snazzy as yours. Imagine, a pitcher and bowl and potpurri.

Thanks for the memories.

judypatooote said...

Wow that is a special outhouse... I can't imagine the middle of the night trip to the bathroom....but it would be a memory and a venture... LOL