Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where Did They Go?

Yesterday Seth came to visit with us. What a busy little guy he is becoming. He went pretty much unstop all morning. We had a little bowling tournament with his bowling pin and balls. He made strikes and spares, while grandma kept the imaginary gutters cleaned out. 

We turned our attention to the TV for a little while to watch Max and Ruby. In the episode that we watched Ruby was playing with paper dolls and I started remembering those long ago days when I played with paper dolls. My imagination must have been pretty good because I recall playing with them for hours on end. Do they still make paper dolls?

I remember buying them for Theresa. The ones I bought for her was the modernized version that were a thin cardboard with a glossy finish and the clothes were a plastic cling. After the clothes lost their cling of course Theresa lost interest in the paper dolls. After all who wants to play with glossy cardboard people that can't keep their clothes on? With our three grand daughters I don't recall seeing paper dolls any where. I am sure that if they were on a store shelf some where I would have found them and bought them for the girls to play with when they came to visit.

Now that I have mentioned the girls, I know most of you have heard me say more than a few times how I miss my "  little"   girls. They all three have turned into teenagers. You know what I am talking about I'm sure...... You wake up one morning and your little sweetheart have turned into this teenager that no longer thinks the greatest thing in the world is no longer sleeping over at G'ma and G'pa's house, or dressing up and putting on fashion shows for the family. Writing and producing their own plays for the older generation. Not only that, but they all seem to have developed a serious eye problem where their eyes seem to roll uncontrollably when an adult, especially a parent speaks to them.

We have all commented from time to time, "  Who gave them permission to grow up so fast?"  and "  How did this happen?"    I found the answers to those questions yesterday. Seth and I watched a little bit of Barney. I was surprised to see that the same children that sang and danced and learned to be good people by following Barney's example every day on TV  when the girls were little had not aged a day in the past 16 years. Amazing!! I found myself wondering, had we kept the girls in Barney Land would they still be our "  little girls"  ?

All and all it was a good day with Seth. I got him to rest a little bit on the couch and he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Paddy was worn completely out too. Seth and Riley are both  growing up too fast as well. Seth is potty training and doing a pretty good job of it. He has the cutest little personality and is every bit as ornery as his father and his brother were at that age. He never misses a thank you or your welcome. I just hope he and his brother doesn't develop that 'Rolling Eye Syndrome'.

While I was pondering where have all of the Paper Dolls gone and with Easter being this Sunday, I remembered  something else that you just don't see any more. When I was little nearly every Easter we went to the Montgomery Wards store and on a huge table they had boxes just like the ones in the picture filled with little colored chicks. My brother and I would choose one each and home we would go with two little soft colorful chicks to be responsible for. It seemed like in no time at all the pretty color was gone and we had just plain old chickens, no longer soft and cuddly. My chickens always tried to peck at my legs and ankles. It wasn't long we lost interest in being responsible for those two chickens. 

We lived in town so we weren't allowed to keep them very long anyway. So off they would go to grandma's house to live with her chickens. It was quite a while before I put two and two together and realized that there was a good chance that we had dined on one of our once colorful chicks when we sat down to Sunday dinner at grandma's house. 

I did some research on the subject of colored Easter chicks and found that many states have restricted the sale of these chicks as pets and banned the sale of colored chicks. I also learned that the CDC had issued warnings about children handling chicks and poultry in general because these chicks may carry salmonella.

How did we Baby Boomers ever survive our childhoods? If we weren't harmed by being attacked by Salmonella from petting and cuddling with our pink, blue, or green Easter Chick then we should have needed extensive therapy after learning our grandma had fried up that same cute little chick and served it to us on a big platter. Not only that, but we probably asked for a second chicken leg. 

Wishing you a peaceful Wednesday and good memories.
Pass the chicken please....


Lois Evensen said...


I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I relate to your story about Easter chicks; we had bunnies, too.

And, I not only played with paper dolls, I remember tracing around the dolls to make my own clothes for them, adding the paper tabs, coloring with crayons, cutting them out.... Yes, it was hours that we played with paper dolls. What fun it was then and great memories now.

Happy Easter,
Lois in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

I remember the colored chicks also. We lived in town so grandpa would give them to a friend of his who lived on a farm. When we would go to visit, I would ask Mac which chicken was mine. He would always point to one and say, "that one is yours". Then one day his answer was, "we ate her for Sunday dinner." That was the last time I went to his farm and I never wanted a colored chicken again.
Sue Hagaman

farmlady said...

My grandsons have introduced me to Max and Ruby. I just love watching it with them. I don't like most of the other shows but I LOVE Max and Ruby.
We just got 4 baby chicks for Easter. They are so cute. I don't think that I would want to color them though. They are beautiful just the way they are.
Happy Easter Sweetie...

L e e said...

No, I don't remember playing with paper dolls, but I do remember my sisters doing so. And it's odd that you bring this up because I and a group of my friends had a similar discussion about 'were they still around". My granddaughter informed me that they now have these kid 'dress up' programs on the internet that they do essentially the same thing.
I don't remember having or seeing colored baby chicks (interesting!) but one of the first two jobs that I ever had off the farm was in an egg hatchery. The other was setting pins in a bowling alley. Do I miss those old days? No way! LOL Enjoy your Easter, Jo.