Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Whacked You In The Nose.......

Yesterday was the big day for me. We made the early morning trip to Chillicothe so I could have the cancer cut out of my nose. They had already told us that we needed to plan on being there for four hours. The shots to numb my nose was really the worse part of the experience yesterday morning. They made sure that they kept it numb for the duration by giving more shots before the numbness wore off. I was very thankful for that. The nurse told me it would feel like a bee sting. Well she was off target quite a bit. It felt more like a hornet sting from a hornet that just wasn't going to quit. The surgeon came in and introduced himself then went over what he was going to be doing. He explained that he would be taking some of the cancer out and then checking it to see if he got it all. He told us how some people wait so long to have the cancer removed that many times it takes him eight tries to get all of the cancer. He was very good about taking your mind off of what was happening with chit chat conversation like where are you from, how long have you lived there, etc, etc. He talked about where he lived and his family too.

They had a very nice waiting room for patients family members. It was well stocked not only with a TV, but there was also magazines, coffee, tea and a large basket of snacks. While we were waiting for the results of the first biopsy I joined J.D. in the waiting room. After about 40 minutes the doctor came for me to shave a bit more off of my nose. Then it was back to the waiting room for another 40 minutes. This time the nurse came for me with the good news that the Doctor got it all that time.

The doctor went over my options on how we would take care of the hole that was now in my nose. He told me they could just bandage it up and let it fill in itself as it healed. It would take longer to heal that way and there may still be a bit of a dip in my nose where he had removed the cancer. My other option was that he cut a triangle in my nose and stitch up the wound. This method would heal a lot quicker. How fast it healed was the deciding factor for me. With diabetes, I don't heal as fast as a normal person would any way, so the method that was faster healing won out. It was during our chit chat while he was finishing me up that I learned this pleasant and skilled surgeon grew up with Chris. They were on the same sports teams and were friends. His father was the principal of one of the schools Chris attended. His aunt and Theresa were friends and ran around together when they were in school. When I was finished and ready for J.D. to take me home I saw my skilled surgeon through different eyes. I saw him as little Tommy Lewis, a sweet and cute little boy all grown up and living a life that helps people.

I was and still am a pitiful sight. We stopped on the way home and grabbed something to eat so I could take my insulin. I really enjoyed watching the expressions on peoples faces when they saw me with my huge bandaged up nose and my swollen eye. People watching is one of my favorite pass times. The numbness started wearing off by the time we got home. I made it through the night though and so far no pain today. My right eye was nearly swollen shut this morning, but that will go away. I get to take the big bandages off today. J.D. has been taking very good care of me. I am very thankful that I have him to share my life with.

I Have Been Blessed!


Charlotte said...

This brings back memories of my skin cancer surgery under my eye about a month ago. It was really scary looking at first but hardly noticeable now. They did mine a little at a time too. Only had to take some out a second time and then stitched it up. Mine was basal cell too.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Jo!

I'm so glad to hear things went well for you! My SIL had to have surgery on her nose several yrs ago but waited a longggg time bef having it done and had to go through extensive reconstructive surgery. But she is fine today and looks pretty darn good! My prayers will be with you for a speedy and complete recovery.

It's a small world isn't it? So glad to hear your story about the surgeon... we never know who God is going to use to heal us!!

Big hugs being careful not to bump your nose!! Sherry

L e e said...

A lady that I see walking at the mall in the mornings - and I know very well - just recently had what sound like the exact same surgery. Bless her heart, she looked a little rough for a while but is now showing just scar tissue.

I'm so glad they got all the cancer and that you are on the road to recovery! Seems as if the older we get, things just keep happening, don't it?
Do take care.

Prixie said...

Oh I am so happy for you! :) recover well!

PEA said...

Such wonderful news that the doctor was able to get all the cancer, dear Jo. Just seeing that picture of a doctor with a scalpel had me turning green! lol Please know my prayers continue for you. xoxo

Hope said...

Hi Jo,
Just wanted to stop by your blog and say hello. I hadn't visited here in a while so it looks like I have lots of reading to catch up on.
Please take care of you and your poor nose and get well soon!
Love and Hugs,

Kate said...

Hi Jo, Like previous commenters I too wish you a speedy recovery and pray that no further action (medically) will be needed.

Sending Hugs and Good Wishes to you and yours from the land of the Tartan - Love Kate x.