Monday, March 15, 2010

" I'll Get You My Pretty "

What a wonderful night we had Saturday. It was the closing performance of the High School's musical "The Wizard Of Oz". We started out by meeting Amy (one of our unofficial adopted children), Jammie (her husband) and Aydan (her step-son) for dinner. It was the first time we had met Jammie and Aydan. I have to say that for Aydan only being 4 years old, he is a very well behaved little fellow.

We arrived at the high school auditorium in plenty of time to find our seats and get settled in before the play started. Chris, Melody and Bailey (Mel's niece) met us there. Theresa and Michael arrived not long after. How cool is this, their tickets were for seats right behind us. Taking into consideration that we ordered our tickets separately. "Let the Show Begin".............

In front of the stage you can see the Yellow Brick Road. Underneath this brick road is where the Pit Orchestra was located. I was positive that it was going to give way and fall in on top of the musicians. It didn't though, not even with Dorothy, lion, tin man and jumping, skipping, falling down, getting up again scare crow traveling over it at the same time.

When Dorothy is reunited with her beloved Toto (aka Archie) they run away and cross paths with Professor Marvel. The part of Professor Marvel was played by Britt's cousin, David who also played the part of the Wizard of Oz.

The whole production was absolutely far beyond what anyone expected. I was told by a lady in front of me that the Friday night performance was sold out. They had to turn people away. I heard someone else saying that this was the best and most successful play the high school had ever put on.

They used some of the elementary students to play the part of the Munchkins. They played their parts like they had been munchkins all of their lives. The wicked witch was wonderful as well. Her voice was booming and reached out and grabbed your attention and didn't let go until she was ready to let go.

The role of the good witch was perfectly matched to the young lady that played the part. It was as if the part was made with her in mind. It was obvious that as much care and time went into making the costumes and the backgrounds as was put into making sure the cast was ready for the four performances that were scheduled. They were all amazing and we applaud everyone that took part in it.

Ahhhhhh, the infamous ruby red slippers. J.D. worked overtime with the camera trying to get a good shot of them. It finally happened and those slippers stopped moving long enough to get a good picture of them.

In this scene Dorothy had been abducted and taken to the bad witch. Another opportunity for Britt to share her beautiful singing voice with everyone that was there. All of Britt's family was feeling pretty proud of our girl.

Every time I started thinking that I couldn't be prouder of her, along comes another act to raise that pride meter still higher yet. I would bet that Britt is going to miss holding that little fluff ball, Toto in her arms. He acted as if he really was Toto and in Dorothy's arms is where he was meant to be. Not once did he seem to be bothered by the audience or the applause coming from our direction.

With three clicks of the heels of those ruby red slippers and Dorothy and her beloved Toto were safely delivered home to Kansas. One of the things that I enjoyed about the evening was sitting in the audience where I could hear what people were saying. Little Aydan was really wrapped up in what was going on up there on the stage. Every time they would bring the lights up he would ask with a certain amount of disappointment in his voice, if it was over. He laughed at the antics of Dorothy's traveling companions which only made me giggle and laugh more than I was already doing. They didn't get anything over on Aydan. The first thing he said when Dorothy found herself back to Kansas was, >>>>"WHERE IS DOROTHY'S SLIPPERS!!"<<<<>

After the play Aydan got autographs and his picture taken with the main characters. I have no doubt that one little boy had a Saturday that he will remember the rest of his life.

The Wizard of Oz was definitely a hit at Waverly High School. Congratulations to everyone that took part in getting this play off the ground. You all put a lot of time, effort and hard work into it from start to finish. You are all so very awesome!!

Britt, by the time the play had ended and you had your curtain call, took your bows and received a standing ovation, my head was so swelled up with pride that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get through the doors to go home. It is a darn good thing the school has double doors. On the serious side Britt, God blessed you with a wonderful talent and it does my heart good to see you sharing it.


Mountain Mama said...

What fun!!! She actually does look the part too and the cosumes are wonderful.
I can certainly understand why you would be so proud. I wish we could hear her sing.

I loved watching my children and grandchildren perform and now I get to see my great grandchildren do the same.
We are blessed.

violetlady said...

That looks like a very professional production for being a high school play. Great costumes and set designs!