Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Great "Fix All"

I have decided that duct tape does not stand alone when it comes to fixing everything. Coffee has been over looked as a "fix all" for far too long. At least when it comes to fixing the soul, coffee has to be recognized for it's healing powers. When someone comes to visit one of the first things to be offered for your visitor's pleasure is a place to sit and seconds later, a cup of coffee. It is an eye opener early in the morning, as well as when you are on a long trip and need to stay awake just a little while longer. Nothing goes better with dessert or breakfast than a piping hot cup of coffee. When upset, nothing is more soothing than your favorite mug filled with coffee. In some cases the praises of coffee has been sung as a laxative. Coffee has the ability to warm you inside and out when you come in from the cold winter weather. From time to time I have heard news reports that one study or another has condemned coffee as being bad for your health. Yet on the heels of that report comes another saying that coffee is great for your health. It is my opinion that coffee like anything else can be bad for you if you tend to over indulge. So drink up, the day is young and the coffee is hot.

We are playing out a drama this morning that started yesterday. There is a small refrigerator that sits in our kitchen, that came with the house. It is the right size if there are just two people (like us). How ever when you take into consideration that we live 30 minutes from town and there just isn't any running to the store to pick up a few things. There are little country convenience stores around, but they are way too expensive to buy from on a regular basis. The smart way to shop would be buy larger containers of the perishable foods. That isn't going to happen with a refrigerator this small though. For a small apartment it is the perfect size. It has been making some very strange sounds lately. I have been trying to ignore them and secretly hoping that the little thing doesn't die on us just yet. J.D. has talked about putting a new floor in the kitchen and my thoughts were that when a new floor is put in we can start looking around for a new refrigerator and stove (way too small, as well). The freezer seems to be working fine, but the refrigerator part not so much. J.D. emptied the contents from it last night and put it all on the screened in porch (Great emergency refrigerator in the winter time). After it was emptied we poked and prodded the refrigerator and ended up turning the dial to the highest number. I checked it this morning and it does feel cooler, but not quite what it should be. So it looks as if this is going to be the day when we make the big decision or at least discuss if it is time to replace this 'gurgling, grinding, roaring, sometimes clunking' appliance when J.D. wakes up.

I've got a great idea..... We can talk about it over a couple of cups of coffee!


Peggy said...

How about you sip your cup of coffee and I'll sip my neverending cup of tea while we talk about it? LOL I have a tiny fridge that kids use in college dorms at the moment. Everytime I open it something falls out. My daughter Melody bought a new side by side and wants to give me her old one. I just have to figure out how to rearrange the tiny cabin to fit it.

farmlady said...

Coffee.., yes, it's my lifeline to the real world. I truly believe I could not live without it. I know that it's the "best part of waking up".., but it's not Flogers, it's Costco's.
I can't discuss fridges. It's a delicate subject and I don't want her(I'm sure refrigerators are female.) to hear us. We're going on 21 years with ours and she's making strange noises too. I think she's on her last ice cube but we don't talk about it.

Lib said...

We keep a pot of cof. going all the time.
We too need a new fridge.
Hope you have a great wk.

L e e said...

You are right about the coffee. A group of my friends and I walk at the mall, then enjoy a couple of cups of coffee while we solve all the worlds problems several times a week. Seems, tho, that the older we get we drink more coffee - and walk less! lol
Anyway, Hi Jo. Sometime back I left a comment for you telling you how much I enjoyed the cajun music. Well, that was me - and I'm back. Although I grew up in Illinois but lived in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area of Texas for a number of years, I honestly say that I truly miss living there. After all it was where I met and married my wife. We still have many friends there and in Lake Charles that we stay in touch with.
I haven't blogged much lately. Guess I'm getting lazy in my old age. But, I know I need to get back to it.
Do take care.
BTW, my other blog is: