Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jack And Jill Went Up A Hill.......

To fetch a pail of water......

This is what J.D. has been working on the past few weeks. I think I mentioned a few posts back that the well was previously covered by a sheet of plywood which had started to rot away. I never liked that big piece of wood just laying there. It looked like some project that had been started and never finished.

J.D. did all of this by himself which still amazes me. I am very little help when it comes to building things around here.

I can be useful when it comes to painting and decorating something, but that is about the extent of my usefulness. There was a time when I could have been out there hammering along side of J.D., but Fibromyalgia has taken that ability away from me. My muscles just plain hurts too much to do that any more.

County water doesn't come this far out into the county yet...... Perhaps in a couple more generations. We have a seepage well so when it is dry and not much seepage we haul water and run it into the well. The well water we use for showers and washing dishes. We don't drink this water and I don't use it to cook with. I just don't trust that this water is pure enough to put it in our bodies. We go to the spring to get the water that we use for drinking and cooking.

As you can see, G'pa had a helper during this construction project. J.D. found a good solid wooden door under the screened in porch out back, that will worl perfectly on this new building. It even had a little sign on it that said "Authorized Personnel Only." I told J.D. that with that sign we won't even need to lock it....... The only thing left is to add the trim that will go around the eaves to complete the roof. It had to be ordered. I think the outside wall to the right of the door needs something. FInding just the right touch to add to the wall falls into my territory. Another job well done. Thanks to J.D.'s expertise we now have not only a well house, but more storage space. You can never have too much storage.

Yesterday J.D. was crawling around under the house adding more insulation to the newer part of the house. We don't have carpeting down because we use wood stoves in the winter to heat with and that spells mess. Depending on how cold it gets, the floors almost feels like walking on ice at times. Hopefully by adding more insulation and shutting off a crawl space access the floors should be warmer this winter. I am thinking that our next project will be to build the deck from the pergola.

For now, we are going to make a run to town and treat Riley to lunch and play time at the park. Wishing you all a blessed Thursday!


Prixie said...

Oh wow, building things always amazes me! you should have seen the look on my face when my brother built a spice rack.

Linds said...

Wonderful! I know about needing storage space.... JD has done a fantastic job on your well house!
I hope you have fun in town!

Peggy said...

Love your new wellhouse!! How about one of those metal country stars on space beside the door? Or one of those old wall mailboxes? You could turn it into a flower box. Sorry, I got carried away. LOL know you will find just the right thing.

farmlady said...

Nice job J.D. We don't drink our well water either, Jo: It's just safer this way. I love the old door you're going to use. That sounds great! J.D. doesn't do windows either. Must be a "guy" thing.

Nanna said...

Blessings always to you,JD, and your loved ones. You both work so hard. It is humbling, and so beautiful. Thank you letting me visit from time to time.

Hopefulsl said...

Nice job JD, as for not having carpet, i have always used wood stoves myself. i do not understand why you do not have carpet??
I have had carpet with all the homes i have lived in. I do not seem to have a problem with this.. Maybe they are different back there..Please do not take this as i am being snotty, i am just a little confuse on this one.
I love wood stoves cause they put out great heat. Hummmm, i just wonder what type you guys use?
It should not effect you any by having carpet though.
Oh well, sorry if you took this the wrong way, i really don't mean to be a snot about this. Cause i love reading your blog. You always put a smile on my face...
Hugs & Blessings,

Betty said...

What a good job J.D. has done. Isn't it nice to be married to a handy man? And what a cute little grandson.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Not so much here in the flat delta, but up in the Ozarks most people used to have cisterns that caught rain water to use for everything, cooking and drinking included. They did it because they didn't have any other options, but I'm like you -- I wouldn't want to drink it or cook with it.

Hmm...How about a flower box of some type on the wall with an old watering can fastened above it, looking like it's pouring water into the flowers? Just my 2 cents, but I'll waive the fee this time, LOL! ;o)

Hope y'all had a good day!

Love and hugs,


Mary said...


Grandpa did a beautiful job on the well house and his little helper is a handsome lad. There is so much you can do to decorate this beautiful little well house. I look forward to seeing more photos.


Tina Coruth said...


JD is amazing! He has done an incredible job. It's no wonder that Riley is such a go-getter. Takes after his Grandpa!!


J.D. Scorpio said...

Hello everyone:
This is JD, and I want to thank one and all for the good words and for your suggestions.And Hopefulsl, theres no Offence taken on your wonderment about the carpet.and I know that Jo really ebjoy's everyone's visits..!!
Have great day..... JD

Ky Woman said...


One question...
Would you rent JD out for a while?

Sure could use a handy man around my house to work on some things I need done and can't accomplish on my own...

Everything looks beauuutiifull.
And isn't it a blessing to have such a grand helper? I had two out in the garden with me last night.. I chopped out the weeds while they piled them up for me. Nothing feels better than to pass our knowledge on to the next generation.

Oh, just one suggestion, before putting down insulation, roll out some roofing tar paper on the ground. It creates a vapor barrier. Works great too!