Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris

It wouldn't be your birthday Chris, without this message from your Grandma........ "33 years ago today, I stepped off of an airplane in L.A., California and your Dad was there to meet me with the news that I had a brand new grandson." She told you that same story from the time you were old enough to understand. She loved you with all of her heart. She loved all of her grandchildren, but you and your sister had a very special place in her heart because she was able to spend more time with you as you grew up.

As I look at you today, a husband, father, brother, son, uncle, boss, teacher and friend, It warms my heart. You wear so many hats in the course of a day and they all fit you well. You have fought hard and never backed away from what you believe in and what you believe to be the right thing to do. You have worked and studied long hours for a long time to reach your standing at work. Melody was a God send for you. She helped to get your life back on course when life was being so unkind to you and she helped you plant your feet firmly against an ex-wife that would see you destroyed. You have stood by your family, as well as your friends when things were rocky and served as an anchor in a raging storm for all of us. I have to admit that as you were growing up I worried about your future. No matter what you encountered, you just lowered your head and charged into it full speed without even weighing your options or considering what lay ahead of you. No matter how many times I tried to save you from hurt by telling you (many times from my own experiences) what could happen if you followed through on the path you were on, your choice was always to do it any way. You were always one of those children that didn't learn from being told.... you needed to learn from experiencing.

You also had a heart as big as the outdoors. When I cried, my little Chris would comfort me with a hug and a Kleenex. When in grade school they talked of people starving to death in Ethiopia, every penny that you had saved from Christmas and your birthday you took to school to donate to help these people. You always befriended the kids at school that were picked on or shunned by other kids. When the neighbor's house burned down, you gave J.O. one of your baseball caps because everything he had was now gone. I remember how he treasured that cap. As you have grown, so has your heart............ You are still the first one there to lend a helping hand to those in need. Even when there is no real need, you are there to do what you can because it is the good thing to do. As your walk through life you spread little seeds of kindness along your path. Melody and your children are right there spreading those seeds along with you. I am so proud of the man that you have become! Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

I want to thank Sherry @ 'Edie Marie's Attic' , Connie @ 'My Thoughts And Creations' and Tracy @ 'Spiritual Brush Strokes'
for honoring me with this wonderful award. Between my doctor's appointment and being entertained by Riley this week I have gotten a little behind on postings. You both have humbled me and at the same time brought a huge smile to my face and heart. Now it is my turn to share this wonderful award with some very deserving people.

Britt @ 'Britt-Arnhild's House In The Woods' Britt is a multi talented woman that takes her readers on tour of so many beautiful European locations with photos and narrative. She opens her home to all and shares the many customs and traditions of her home land with us. Her post are a delight to read.

Shelley @ 'Artsy Etc.' Have you ever seen a camera talk? Well, then you need to drop in and visit Shelley. Her artistic abilities go beyond charcoal and a sketch pad. She brings so many wonderful pieces of art that she creates with her camera to Cyber City via her postings to share with us. I have been inspired and up lifted many times by Shelley's postings.

Rosie @ 'Smokey Mountain Breakdown' Rosie lives in the Smoky Mountains with her critters. She is a published writer and shares her talents with us through her wonderful stories on her blog. My roots run deep in Appalachia and I have a deep appreciation for Rosie and her Chronicles of the people and happenings around her.

Peggy @ 'Hidden Haven Homestead' Peggy shares her life with us as she goes about maintaining what is by no means an easy life. She shares the antics of her kids which adds up to a life that is anything but boring. Stop by for a visit and see if you don't feel right at home.

Diane @ 'Diane's Place' Diane posts a weekly Sunday dinner menu that I gain weight from just by reading. She shares pictures and stories about her family and the light of her life, little Miss Emmy (her grand daughter). Emmy is about the same age as our Seth and it is adorable. Visiting Diane's blog is like going to visit family. You feel at home as soon as you walk through the door and want to kick your shoes off and stay for supper.

Kentucky Woman @ 'Little Drops....Into The Pool Of Life' This woman deserves a standing ovation for the tireless way that stays on top of what is going on with our service men and women. She does this as well as spends quality time with her grandchildren, mother and siblings..... not to forget that four letter word..WORK. I appreciate all the effort that she puts into her postings to keep us up to date with news from the front.

Judy @ 'Memories Are Made Of This' I love Judy's postings. She shares pictures and stories from her life from her childhood to the present. If you are a Baby Boomer you will find it to be like a walk down memory lane. So many times I have read her postings and just some little thing she says will spark a good memory of something from my own past that I have long since forgotten. She has brought many warm memories and good feeling to my mind and heart.

That just about takes care of today's post. It is going to be a scorcher today and there is not the first bit of a breeze on the mountain ridge. I am going to close this post and fix something good for lunch that will go along with a hot day. Have a blessed day.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Aw, I'm blushing! And delighted to be honored in such good company, Jo. Thank you so much for the award and the sweet words, my friend. :o)

And Happy Birthday to your son! Hope it's a good one for him. He sounds like a keeper. May God bless his special day.

Happy weekend, Jo!

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. Chris, Happy birthday Man!

Lib said...

Hi Jo,
COngrats on your deserving award!
Happy Birthday.Wow what a Loving man! THis world needs more men like him!:o)
I Love your music!
Stay cool today, its a hot one here too.

Linds said...

What a beautiful tribute to your son, Jo! He sounds like a really special man, and you are justifiably proud. Happy Birthday, Chris!

I am off to visit these blogs now. Congratulations on your award, Jo!

Artsy Etc. said...

Oh..Jo. Thank you!! What a wonderful friend you are. I will wear it proudly! And the same applies to you. I never come here without you having nurtured my heart and soul.

Happy Birthday to Chris! Such a loving tribute. I have a Chris in my life son. Its a name dear to me.



Betty said...

Happy Birthday to Chris. He sounds like a very good man.

Congratulations on your award.

Ky Woman said...


I'm so blessed to have 'met' you..

Thank you so much for sharing your blessings with me.

Chris was blessed by God too with the Grandparents he was given. Please tell him Happy Birthday and Many Many MORE!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Jo!
You so deserve that award girl! I really enjoy coming to visit you!!
Lovely post on your son. They grow up so fast. I tell everyone with little ones to enjoy them because they will turn around one day and they will be adults. I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful grown sons, but they will always be my baby boys! They laugh when I call them that.
Happy birthday Chris! What a great Mom you have!!
Hugs, Sherry

judypatooote said...

Thank you JO for the's so great to have blogging friends to share memories with....even our new memories will turn into old memories....I have 2 Chris's in my son in law and my's a great name... happy birthday to your Chris.... thanks again, judy

BigDadGib said...

Great slide show and an even better post.

You have a great looking blog.


Artsy Etc. said...

You'll never guess who won my vintage aprons giveaway! Take a peek!



Steven and Aisha said...

That is really a beautiful message for Chris, Jo. Really touching! I'm sorry I was late to respond.
Congratulations on your award! You deserve it. Your blog is always one of those I enjoy visiting.

Connie said...

Jo, I have been trying to send you the award blog (which I see you have already received), but can't get through. Not sure if it's because you have a new title or what ? I will leave it on my blog until you see it and can fill me in on you addy.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Dear Jo.

Thank you very much for the award.

Tina Coruth said...


Congratulations on your well deserved award. Your blog is a treasure!

Your birthday tribute to your grandson, Chris, is beautiful! What a fine young man he is. I hope his birthday was wonderful!!