Thursday, January 13, 2011

Share The Joy Thursday

As the snow continues to fall outside my window on this fine Thursday morning, I am finding my JOY in the warmth radiating from the little wood stove in the kitchen and a soothing cup of coffee.
I was hoping to share whatever news I received yesterday about my MRI results, but due to obstacles beyond my control I didn't make it to the doctor's office. The sheriff's office had issued a Snow Emergency Level 1 warning until 7PM. A Level 1 warning means that the roads are hazardous and may be icy in places. To reach the main roads, we first need to travel 5 miles down J.D.'s mountain. By 10AM I still hadn't seen or heard the snow plow bopping up and down our road performing it's magic with that road salt. Taking all of this into consideration, J.D. and I decided it would probably be best to reschedule my appointment. So now we wait until February 2nd for those results.
I have appointments coming up the first of next week to discuss two other test results with other doctors. God willing and we don't get hammered with another snow storm come Monday morning, I should have at least a few answers by Tuesday.
Why not join us at 'Share The Joy Thursday' and share what has brought JOY into your life. May you find blessings in all that you do today!


miss*R said...

if I were in a snow storm.. that little cosy fire would certainly bring me and my bones alot of JOY xo
the world all over is being hammered with one type of weather disaster or another.. here in Australia, we have devestating floods and raging bush fires.

PEA said...

I just love your little woodstove, just perfect for a cold snowy day:-) I think you and JD made the right decision in not taking a chance on the roads. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for your next appointments! xoxo

rebecca said...

dear jo,

oh to sit beside you and your little flame. so much to talk about,soul the snow falls in its perfect quiet.
safe by the fire....
the world at large to wait.
while we spin our peace.

Sheila said...

Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. We have been having very cold temperatures. It was -28C this morning and a snowstorm is expected this weekend. Keep warm!

julia said...

i wish i could drop by and have a cup of coffee with you! (well, once the snow's gone...)