Friday, January 28, 2011

Follow Me Friday

I know this is going to come as shock to many, but I woke up this morning and discovered that it had snowed again. Yes, sometime in the night or early morning hours Mother Nature decided that the children that live in this area were in need of another day off from school. Californians, as well as many European countries are familiar with year round schools. It is beginning to look as if this school district is going to become familiar with it too, without even planning to go that route. If I am not mistaken all of the allotted snow days for the school year were used up before the end of December. Usually when they go over their limit, they take away days from spring break to use as make up days. They do this so they won't have to run the make up days too far into summer vacation. All of that isn't looking too promising at this point. I just hope the senior class will get this year finished in time to start fall classes at the universities of their individual choices.

If you have followed Moodscapes for any length of time you will remember that at end of this past summer we put our house on the market in hopes of getting it sold so we can move to town. There were many factors involved in our decision to do this. However, we cancelled the contract with the Realtors right before the holidays. During that time there was only one nibble, but the couple that was interested were wanting to buy on land contract. I had a bad experience with a land contract before and we weren't interested in taking that avenue, so they never came to look at the house.  

We received a message the other day that someone else had inquired about the house and are we still interested in selling. With the real estate market as slow as it is right now, we decided to list the house again in hopes that we can get it sold before winter rolls around again. This means that our plates are going to be pretty full for the next few days getting the cob webs knocked down and preparing the house to be shown again. With a few breaks in the mix for me to have blood work done, a follow up appointment on Tuesday with the doctor for the results of the MRI of my brain  and then on Wednesday I am scheduled for a needle biopsy. Wish us luck on all of this.

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Have a Blessed Weekend!



Laura~peach~ said...

hugs and prayers! hope all goes as planned ! and for good test results!

farmlady said...

You're in my prayers, Jo. I wish only good things for you health wise and "home" wise.
You are always helping others and being so concerned about others. Now you need to take care of yourself and do what is needed to stay well and happy.
Love you, Ellie Mae

judypatooote said...

Hi Jo, I love your blog look...I'm going to check it out...yes Ohio has had it fill of snow, it's snowing again here...but at least not as bad as Chicago and some othrs...Since I haven't been by in a while, I didn't know you were having tests, and I pray it all comes out ok....Good Luck and stay warm...judy