Monday, January 17, 2011

Mosaic Monday

To look at this house today, most people would just dismiss it as an old run down, forgotten house that is slowly being reclaimed by nature. However a closer look and a listening ear might tell a story of a happy young couple that once made this house their home. A home where they planned to raise their four children. A home filled with love, happiness and laughter. A home where music was plentiful. A home where evening entertainment for the children might be shadow puppets done my their mother.

Life can turn cruel when you least expect it though. My husband's father was 37 years old when TB took his life. Suddenly J.D.'s mother found herself a single parent with four children to raise on her own. J.D. was 9 years old and remembers the day that his daddy died and how he felt as he watched him being carried away. 

The shell of the house that was once home to J.D. and his brothers and sister still stands. The memories that they share, keeps their childhood home from fading into the landscape.   

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Laura~peach~ said...

I always wonder what secrets these kinds of places hold and when i am able i have to stop and take a picture then later sit and look and wonder and dream and try to get it to tell me its lovely memories. :)

farmlady said...

This reminds me of a poem by Joyce Kilmer called The House With Nobody In It. How sad it is when a house is left alone....
You can find this poem at:

This is a wonderful,
heartfelt post Jo.

bag1307 said...

Hello farmlady & Laura~peach~ thank you for your comments. However there were very few, "lovely memories" in that old house, although there were some for us 4 kids but when I think about what Mom and Dad had to indure brings tears to my eyes from tine to tine.
And thanks Jo, you did a great job!

julia said...

i love an old house--it plays with my imagination for all the memories and lives it held within.

PEA said...

Oh how very sad that J.D. lost his father when he was so young. It truly must be bittersweet for him and his siblings to see the house still standing. Each house has a history and oh how I'd love to hear all of the ones that I see on my travels:-) xoxo

Joy said...

I've had the same thoughts when passing an old, empty, run down home. At one time, there was life, love and happiness there--a family and all it's sunshine and sorrows played out in those old wooden boards and broken windows.

linda said...

Me too.
I wonder if the house is lonely, if it misses the laughter of children.
Very nice mosaic.