Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rest In Peace

While at the hospital yesterday having some routine tests run, I heard on the news that Elizabeth Edwards had stopped her treatments for cancer after being told that it had spread to her liver. Along with this report the news media found it necessary to also add past news concerning her estranged husband's extra marital affair.  I found this little snippet uncalled for and in poor taste.

Later at home, I switched the TV over to the evening news only to hear that Mrs. Edwards had died. They reported that in her final hour she was surrounded by loved ones and her estranged husband, John Edwards who was there to comfort his children. To add a foot note to the picture they had just painted of Elizabeth Edwards surrounded by her loved ones as she passes from this life, they continued their story with the details of her husband's affair, illegitimate child and the fact that the divorce she had filed for wouldn't be final until the first of the new year. 

I have one question............ WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Wasn't it enough, what this amazing woman has dealt with for the past six years? Not only did she contend with the cancer, having a husband that turned out to be a louse and the tragic loss of her 16 year old son, but the news media can't even allow her the dignity to pass from this life without dredging up dirt to add to the report of her death. Shame on every last member of the press that thought this was appropriate news reporting. This lady fought a courageous battle for the past 6 years and loss. She left behind family and friends who loved her and she will be admired and missed for years to come.

Elizabeth Edwards
1949 ~ 2010
May you Rest In Peace


Mike Golch said...

I donot know what the media's problem is he is one dispicable asshat that sederves to be shunned.he was no husband to her.Rest in Peace Elizabeth,your time in hell is over.

Lib said...

I dont understand the media!!!!!!!

Kate said...

How awful, poor woman - to have to deal with illness and claptrap from the press is totally out of order... The only good thing about this is that she is now at peace God bless her.

Hugs to you and yours Jo -
Love Kate x.

Kate said...

Hi again Jo,

You mentioned Facebook - I am also in FB under my name of Lyn Gracie .. I couldn't trace which Jo Riley Dupree you were, so I couldn't send a friend request.

Name Explanation: My full name is Kathlyn Barr Gracie (was named after my Nana - Mum's Mum who was the first Kate Barr and who I adored). I am normally called Lyn outside of my blog... Hope you will follow up and be my friend Jo.

Hugs, Kate/Lyn xx.

PEA said...

I totally agree with you, the media just doesn't know where to stop. Unfortunately, scandal sells and people seem to love to see others being miserable so my thought is always 'what is wrong with humanity these days?" It really is a sad world we live in. I heard on the news about Elizabeth's passing and my heart goes out to her family. xoxo