Monday, December 13, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Our first significant winter storm of the season took place yesterday and continued through the night. I had planned on putting our Christmas tree up on Saturday, but just didn't feel up to it.  As a result, there sat a few well worn sad looking boxes containing the tree and it's decorations in the living room waiting for me to find the spirit to put it all together. That spirit came when I looked through the french doors to the deck yesterday morning and saw snow floating down. 

Of course along with the decorating of the tree comes the prep work of dusting, cleaning and furniture rearranging. Done. Done. Done. Tree up and decorated. Done. The Christmas Angel on top. Done.

While all of this was going on our little Paddy Girl just wasn't real sure what to think of all of this activity in her otherwise stable world. You need to keep in mind that this is her first Christmas with us. She also was a rescue puppy from the dog pound, so we don't know what she witnessed or dealt with last Christmas.  I am sure that her little mind was active asking questions like: Why is a tree being brought into the house? What's with all of those beads, shiny balls and colored lights. Poor baby, spent quite a bit of time curled up on J.D.'s lap. She knew he wouldn't let any of this strangeness that was going on hurt her.

Have a safe and warm week.


Vee said...

Sounds like a blissfully cozy day to put up the tree. Lovely mosaic with the snow falling gently all around. If my tree weren't up, I'd feel like putting it up just visiting here. Hope your little pup does very well with the changes.

Southern Lady's Market said...

Great photos!! Stay nice and warm!

Sheila said...

Your blog design is so lovely. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Yay! Snow! That always seems to do the white stuff..and miss it!
Gorgeous mosaic!
Keep warm and have a great week!

Southern Lady's Market said...

Thanks so much for coming by and visiting at Monday Market time! Come back soon! Feel free to add an item that you have too!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Love your mosaic! I hope we get just a little snow- the grands would love it!

farmlady said...

I just come here for the music.LOL! Did you watch White Christmas , the movie, the other day. It's corny but so perfect for the Holidays and that song... yes.
"May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmas's be white."
Your new dog is probably so happy to be warm, safe and in a wonderful home. This is his "first" Christmas with you and dogs know what goodness is. Just give him love and he will be happy.