Friday, December 3, 2010

On The Road Again

It is time to hit the road running and I am trusting that you packed enough clothes to last you for a couple of weeks. These interior photos of the camper doesn't do it justice, especially when you consider that the slide out was not run out when they were taken. I think there isn't a greater way to travel than with a camper hooked up to the back of your vehicle. You can leave home without completely leaving home, because you are taking bits and pieces with you. After J.D.'s side trip to the hospital and his follow up appointments with his doctors following his release from the hospital he was given the OK to travel. Of course there were also ground rules laid down for him by his doctors that he didn't exactly follow.


 Take Paddy to the kennel? Leave Paddy behind? Well, that wasn't going to happen on this trip. She just about ran her little legs off running back and forth from the house to the camper as we loaded things. She certainly got her exercise prior to leaving and enjoyed her last bit of freedom off of the leash. If I could read her mind I would be seeing all of the pent-up excitement inside of her while she jumps up and down barking "road trip, road trip, I'm going on a road trip."

Of course Maggie (our GPS with an attitude) took us way out of our way and was hateful on top of it all. I swear Maggie is possessed. Sometimes she is just pure evil and I can almost hear her laughing when she gets the upper hand. We were on our way south none the less, with a lot of ground to cover, a lot of people to visit, new family members to become acquainted with and some much needed relaxing to do while we were there. 

Our timing probably could have been better though. Taking into consideration that they were dealing with the oil spill in the Gulf, gas prices were ridiculous. We really didn't save any money by taking the truck and camper on this trip because of that. Let's not forget that the duration of our time spent in Louisiana and Texas, the south was having that heat wave that wouldn't quit with sweltering temperatures. Thank heaven for air conditioning in both the truck and the camper.

The very first part of the trip Paddy got a little car sick, but after that she was fine. She was with us and not in a noisy kennel. That was all that mattered to our Paddy girl and for that reason alone, I am sure that in her mind it was all good.

I will be back tomorrow to share more with you on what went on while I was MIA from Moodscapes. 

As a P.S. I would like to clarify a misunderstanding concerning my post yesterday, 'Aqua'. My dream of being an architect did remain just that, a dream. Unfortunately, the Good Ole Boy network did break me and my dream was shattered because of it. It obviously wasn't meant to be. However, that dream was replaced by other accomplishments that have brought me happiness over the years. Since that time though, I have possessed a tremendous respect and admiration for any woman making their dreams come true in a man's world. 


Laura~peach~ said...

good stuff good stuff :)
now i am confused have you road tripped already or are you road tripping now?

Jo said...

hehehe.... oh my, it seems as if I am leaving a lot of confusion in my path. We have road tripped already. I took way too many months away from my blog and am now trying to catch everyone up on what has been going on in the world of Jo and JD.

Stay with me kiddo, you don't want to miss any of this.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Thanks for coming by to lift my spirit