Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good News/ Bad News

It seems like it has been a life time since I posted last. So much has happened in this past week that I want to be share with you all. J.D., Taryn and I attended the play "The Music Man" at The Majestic Theatre last Saturday. Britt was part of the pit orchestra and they did a wonderful job. We weren't able to get any photos of them though ...... They were in the pit and concealed from the audience (thus 'pit orchestra'). J.D. did get some photos of the theatre and the beautiful architecture and restoration that has been done, but they were lost during the recent computer crash.
On Thursday a stroll to the mailbox brought a smile to my face when I pulled out a rather large envelope addressed to me. I always get excited when I find packages in the mail. Inside I found a pretty purple package tied up with this beautiful rainbow colored ribbon.

Also inside was this wonderful card with embossed roses on it. As beautiful as the card was, it couldn't hold a candle to the sweet, touching words that were penned inside by Shelley @ Artsy Etc .

Shelley had held a drawing and was offering this wonderful Vintage Bonnet Girl Apron as the prize to the winner. Guess who won!! Melody has really gotten into the apron craze that seems to be going around.......... She is going to have such a bad case of apron envy when she sees this. If you are especially nice to me Melody, I will let you pet it. :-)

The apron wasn't all that was in the package. Shelley had also added two cards that she created and these lovely ear rings. But Wait!! That's not all!

Among all of the other wonderful findings within the package was this beautiful ornament, just waiting for me to find a place to display her. Shelley, thank you so much for the wonderful treasures that you sent...... and treasures they truly are especially the items that you created. A truly gifted lady, you are in so many ways.

For all of the joy that my trip to the mailbox brought to me on Thursday, it was short lived. About 5:30 that evening we received a quick call from Tersie letting us know that she was on the way to Children's Hospital with Britt. Tersie had taken her to the Dr. for a check up and they discovered during this visit that her blood sugar reading was 286. In diabetes speak: that is a high reading. Normal range is between 70 and 120. What a blow that news was to all of us. Britt is 15 years old. A loving, active teen.

Right now she is dealing with the news very well (better than her g'ma is). This new road that she has stepped off onto, in her journey through life is not going to be an easy one. She has had a big responsibility thrust upon her young shoulders. The staff at the hospital has done a thorough job though of teaching Britt, as well as her Mom and Dad how to deal with this disease. All day Friday and today they were in classes of one sort or another. They now know how to monitor Britt's blood sugar levels and how to give the insulin shots. Tersie said they also covered what the consequences could be if the diabetes is not kept under control. Britt is a mature responsible girl and I know deep in my heart she will do fine. She comes from a long line of fighters and survivors. I have been there myself and know the emotional roller coaster she will ride from time to time. She has many people that love her and will be here to give her the support that she will need. If I am anything at all, I am a good listener. I have said this before and I have repeated it to myself over and over since that phone call Thursday evening.......... "No Child Should Have To Deal With Life Threatening Diseases!! ............ NO CHILD!!"

We went up to the hospital Friday morning to see Britt and make sure Tersie was doing alright. We brought T-Bear home with us from the hospital. She had been riding back and forth (3 hours round trip) with her Dad and Mom while they were trying to get loose ends tied up at their homes. Children just seem to breathe a special kind of life into a home and it is so wonderful having T-Bear here. Lots of hugs and kisses have been circulating the last couple of days at our house.

Before I wrap this post up, I ask that you please keep Britt in your prayers that she will be given the strength to deal with this horrible disease. That she will be able to keep it under control so that she can lead a normal teenage life. Of course if you aren't into prayers, please send as much positive energy and thoughts in Britt's direction.

I have lots more catching up to share with you, which I will do when things calm down around here in the next few days. Have a blessed day.


mjgolch said...

Jo you are right. Unfortunely Celestine has the type 1 diabetes that used to be called juvinile diabetes. she has has had it for 40 years now. Bad things happen to good people.
Hugs and God's Love and Blessings.Mike G.said that! (It's an A.A.thing)

Nanna said...

My prayers fly over the waters for you and your dear family, to be comforted, little Britt adjust, Type I and II big here locally...

Chris said...

Poor Britt!

Keeping her in my prayers, Jo. I can't imagine how hard this must be for her.

Ky Woman said...

Prayers here for you, Britt and the rest of the family too. It's a major adjustment for everyone.

Hugs and prayers!

farmlady said...

Dear Jo,
A prayer for Britt has been said and my thoughts will be with you all.
My parents had some friends with a daughter who had Juvenile Diabetes. She didn't take care of herself. She got married and decided to have a child. She was told that she shouldn't get pregnant. She died in childbirth. The grandparents raised the child because the father left, never to return. The child had learning disabilities and was always sick. It was so sad. You can listen (she will need someone), but also tell her the truth about this disease. It's a horrible disease and she must be very vigilant. She is in my thoughts. So are you and your family.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

What lovely things you received from Artsy! I especially like the earrings. :o)

If I am diagnosed with diabetes I'm told it will be type 2. So far mine isn't high enough to warrant insulin and I will probably start with one of the pills, thank the Lord.

I'm so glad Britt was diagnosed before she got critical. It's a terrible disease but people learn to live with it everyday, some better than others as we well know.

My prayers are being lifted before God's throne for Britt and her family, Jo. It's bad enough for an adult to deal with diabetes, much less a child, where every little difference from their "normal" friends can seem so big a deal.

Love and big hugs,


Linds said...

What a wonderful gift! That apron looks beautiful!

And at the other extreme, of course I will be praying for Britt, Jo. I think you also read Barb at A Chelsea Morning (if not, her link is in my sidebar) and she wrote all about this a couple of days ago. Her little grandson has Type 1. It is such a blessign to be able to share these trials here, and find support and help too. Not to mention all the prayers and love.

Lynne said...

Thoughts and prayers going out for Britt.

Tracy said...

Awww man I will be praying for Britt. I am sorry she has to deal with this life long Disease. Hugs sent your way.

The apron, cards and earrings are beautiful! How lovely for you! Wow what a nice surprise I am sure for you to find in your mailbox!

Hugs and blessings sent your way.

violetlady said...

Britt will be like her grandma --- strong and resilient. My prayers go out to weather this disease in the years to come. So many medical advances are being made - every day is promising.

BClark said...

All good thoughts comming your way and Britt's way. If there is an upside it would be that we have made many advances in the treatment of this disease. It is being diagnosed quicker so that treatment can begine. More information on diet and exercise.
Take care and best to you, Barbara

Betty said...

Jo, I am so sorry to hear that Britt has diabetes. You are right, children shouldn't have to deal with that terrible disease.

Congratulations on winning the apron. It is really pretty.

Have a good week.


Kate said...

Oh Jo I'm sorry to hear about your grand-daughter. it's sooo hard to watch a child go through something like this - it's bad enough when a grown adult has to face it...
She does have in her family background the faith that she will get through it though, so I'm sure she will manage whatever she has to in the end. As already mentioned there are so many advances being made in medicine so you never know what will happen in the future.
By the way you spoke about your prize of the apron there is another present waiting for you here too.
Love from Scotland Kate x.

Steven and Aisha said...

Those are such lovely gifts, Jo! Beautiful! :) Congratulations!
I'm sorry to hear about Britt. I will be praying for britt. I can't believe her sugar went that high and she's only 14. God is still in control, Jo, glad you and your family are there to support her.

Prixie said...

those gifts are beautiful. Britt sounds like she has a good strong disposition. she will be fine. prayers are being heard from all the corners of the globe. and diabetes is managable - runs in my family too.

take care

Artsy said...

Oh Jo..I'm so sorry to hear about all the diabetes related problems. You and your family will be in my prayers as I write this. Please keep us posted, Dearheart!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Prayers for your family for sorry to hear.

Your new apron is lovely as are your other goodies!

Tina Coruth said...

I'm sorry to hear that Britt is having such trouble with diabetes. She sounds like a strong girl with a good head on her shoulders. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Congratulations on winning that gorgeous apron!

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Having type II myself I can somewhat understand. I was diagnosed at age 33. It was a wake up call and my health has been better than it would have been if I weren't to have diabetes if that makes any sense.

Jo, you are always there to leave a positive note on my blog and leave a smile on my face. Good feelings, good wishes, positive thoughts and prayers always make someone's life better. You and Britt have all of that coming from me over here on this end. Know that all of this is just part of your life's journey, take the positives from it and grow, while leaving the negatives behind, not dwelling on them. Always have a smile on your face, a kind word for others and think of how lucky you are to have a granddaughter that special and how lucky she is to have you and some of us out here wishing you both well.

You and Britt are always welcome on the "Golden Road".

TSannie said...

My wonderful niece went to the Dr. for her routine physical before she started college. Her blood sugar was close to 300 as well. In one turn, she went from a carefree 17 year old to a young woman with Type One diabetes. Needless to say, it was devastating for her and all of us who love her.
Flash forward 2 years later. She's starting her third year at Georgetown, dealing beautifully with her diabetes (through blood monitoring, insulin shots, diet and exercise), living her life to the very fullest, and truly is the picture of health!

My niece went to college on a rowing scholarship. She was totally fit and not an ounce overweight when she was diagnosed. The diagnosis truly came out of left field. And she went to the Dr. appointment by herself as NO one imagined it would be anything other than routine - her physical just one year ago WAS routine.

It's horrible that any child (or anyone for that matter) has to deal with this, as you said.

Your girl will be in our thoughts and prayers. May her journey be as successful as my niece's has been. And may they both continue to have goodness.

Juli said...


much strength and healing

I'm so glad it wasn't something worse :)