Wednesday, April 28, 2010

knee surgery update


This is Theresa, Jo's daughter. She asked me over the weekend if I would update her blog to let her readers know how she's doing, following her knee surgery. I agreed, so I'd better get on the ball and take care of my responsibilities.

Her surgery took place Monday afternoon. After work, I made the drive down to the hospital. On my way I got a call from Melody, telling me that Mommy wasn't in a room yet. Her blood pressure had dropped to a scary low rate. She wasn't to be in a room until they had that under control. I continued my trip down the highway with my heart in my throat. Thankfully, not much time had passed before Melody called me back. Mommy had been assigned a room and could accept visitors. Shew.

When I found her room, the nurses were checking her in, so I waited politely in the hallway. It sounded like she was being admitted to jail. They needed to take inventory of all her belongings, among other things.

After the nurses were done, I made my entrance. The room lit up with joy. Okay. Not really. Mommy looked good, for what she had been through. Her leg was hooked up to a machine that kept it moving slowly so that it didn't get stiff and to prevent clots. Her legs were still numb from the surgery. Chris, Melody and the troops showed up next. We had a nice little visit and Mommy started to feel tingling in her toes by the time we were headed back home - and her blood pressure was back up to a not-so-scary level.

The nurses asked her what her goals were for the hospital stay. Mommy said she wanted to be walking before she left the hospital. It seems that she will be scheduled to leave sometime tomorrow afternoon. According to an email that I received from J.D., she's been up and walking around a bit the past couple of days.

The kids and I are going to visit when I get off work today. I hope to add another update after our visit either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading!!


Lois Evensen said...

Thank you so very much for the updates. I hope all goes well and she is out of the hospital as soon as possible.


Peggy said...

thanks for the update! Tell her all her blog friends and neighbors are keeping her in our prayers.

farmlady said...

Thanks for the update Theresa. I'm so glad to hear that Jo is doing so well. It puts my mind at rest.
I know there are so many good thoughts floating around out there for your Mom. She is always thinking of others and' for a change, we can send prayers her way this time.
Tell her that Elly Mae is thinking about her and I'm sending my love.

julia said...

Wow, seriously? She can walk on it already? Yikes, just thinking about it hurts!!

Thanks for the update. :-)

Linds said...

Great news that she is doing well, and moving about already. Thanks for letting us know!
And Jo, don't try to do too much too soon! Take it slowly, and heal well.

leeaper said...

Hi Jo. So glad to hear you doing well . . and maybe even heading back home today! Wonderful! Before long, your daughters & grandkids won't be able to keep up with you!
Many things have happened to me since I last posted a comment to you. I, too, went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon, and he was more concerned with my shoulder than of my legs. BUT, I also had an appointment with my Cardiologist, and after an examination, has determined that my leg problems are from poor circulation rather than knees. But, he says we can "fix" that . . . with stents! So, now I'm scheduled for further tests, and then maybe some stents. I have another friend up in Iowa who's husband had several stents put in his legs a few years ago, and she was telling me that he was still doing just great! Well, whatever . . . I would just like to have some improvement.
I would normally sign off by saying "take care!" but I think you are already doing just that.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful news (been keeping up on facebook :)
Keep that knee working it will be amazing once the surgical pain is gone.