Friday, April 16, 2010

..........And One To Grow On

Today we will be celebrating Riley's 7th birthday. It seems like just yesterday that we were gathered at the hospital waiting for him to be born. I believe that when he went to take his first step it quickly turned into a run and he has been on the run ever since. Only slowing down long enough to give a hello or goodbye kiss and the occasional hug. I don't think Riley will be late for his life. If anything he will be early and have to wait for his life to catch up with him. He had watched the adults in his life and emulated each in one way or another. I have commented in the past that by the time Riley is an adult, there will be nothing that he can't do.  

Riley has broad horizon ahead of him. He reminds me of a little sponge, it is almost like he is dehydrated for knowledge and looking around for any that he can soak up. Being the first grandson/nephew/son/brother for this side of the family he received a lot of attention. I was concerned that when Seth came along that Riley would be jealous of the attention Seth would get. No reason for concern there........... Riley stepped into the older brother role like he had been training for it all of his life. Of course he gets aggravated from time to time. Let's face it Seth is just as ornery as Riley is and he doses it out for Riley in a regular intervals. Riley is not afraid to show his little brother love or too busy to look out for him. Just this week when Seth injured his Achilles tendon and was in so much pain when he tried to walk on that foot, Riley showed him how to crawl again so Seth could get around. An example of how Riley's brain works, always busy and always problem solving.   

Happy Birthday Riley!!
We Love You Great Big Bunches!


Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Riley!!!

Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday, Riley! It sounds as if you are a fantastic person with an outstanding life ahead.


Akelamalu said...

Happy Birthday to Riley.

They grow up so quickly I know - my youngest grandchild is now 4 and no long a baby.

DoanLegacy said...

Oh they are so precious, and they do grow up too fast..

farmlady said...

What a sweet and good little boy. How fast they grow up.
Enjoy every moment, Jo.

Anonymous said...

Lovely posting. How Blessed you are. How sweet Riley and Seth are. God Bless you all. Happy Birthday Riley!

Nanna Aldrich Murakami

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,Riley!

Renie Szilak Burghardt

Joanne Kennedy said...

Don't they grow up fast! He sure is one cute kid! Happy Birthday!