Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots Of Fluff

"There is a privacy about it
which no other season gives you.....
In spring, summer and fall
people sort of have
an open season on each other;
Only in winter, in the country,
can you have longer quiet stretches when
you can savor belonging to yourself."

~Ruth Stout

We watched it snow all day yesterday adding fresh fluffy inches of snow to what was already here. We woke up this morning to still more snow floating through the air like feathers. Thanks to J.D.'s perseverance over the summer months we have plenty of fire wood to burn in the wood stoves for warmth.

We have gotten such a kick out of watching our short legged little Buddy running through the snow. He charges through it and reminds me a lot of the snow plow salting the road. You can see a cloud of snow rise up in the air and little puppy ears flapping in the breeze. Of course Buddy is a bit on the spoiled side and likes to cuddle up to a warm place or warm body and take naps. Needless to say he doesn't stay out any longer than is needed to do his business, randomly mark his territory and come back inside. No longer than Buddy is out he is wet when he comes in and we keep a towel by the door to dry him with. He tolerates this a little grudgingly at times with a small growl that sounds more like a purr. When drying his feet we always check between the pads and every time there is little ice balls collected there from the snow. I'm sure that if Buddy could speak he would be thankful that he has the life and the home he has.

I know that not every one can bring their dogs inside to live. As an example, hunting dogs. I can just imagine trying to raise a couple of basset hounds inside. I hope that these outdoor pets are given the extra attention that they need in this cold weather. I know that people who live in the north know the special care that their pets need in cold weather. However there may be those in the south that are getting blasted with these cold temperatures that may not think to take the extra care that their pets require in consideration. Things like making sure that the water for their pet doesn't freeze. Make sure that they have a dry shelter to go to. A bed of straw or cedar chips will help to keep them warm.

Have a blessed day and take some time to belong to yourself.


Mike Golch said...

when our Cookie was a baby it was fun watching her play in the snow as well.I hope that you and J.D. are having a great day.

farmlady said...

"take some time to belong to yourself." What good advise. I have been doing this lately, in between the efforts of life.
Thanks for the reminder to pet owners everywhere about Winter care. You are such a thoughtful person.

Cat, Chaps and Emma said...

Just to let you know, basset hounds are not outdoor dogs.

I have had this precious breed for over 15 years and I know of only a handful of irresponsible owners that keep their hounds outside.

You can look at my website and see all kinds of bassets enjoying life as full family members!

Have a great weekend

Jo said...

Thank you for your comment Mike. I hope you are keeping warm up there by the Lake in this cold cold weather.

Cat, I stand corrected about the basset breed. Your hounds are very fortunate to have an owner that welcomes them as part of the family. There are those people that owning a dog means to attach it to a dog box and bring food and water to it a couple of times a day. Personally, if it takes chaining a dog outside to own it then we would be with out. Please pass my apologies on to your hounds.

Cat, Chaps and Emma said...

Hi Jo! No apologies necessary. I could never understand why anyone would want a dog and keep it outside. There are very few active basset hound hunting packs in America today.

Seems to be a thing of the past.

Have a nice day and keep warm in OH