Saturday, January 16, 2010

Priceless Moment

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Santa left six tickets to the Monster Jam Truck Rally at Chris and Melody's house this year and last weekend was the big night. Ally Oop, Riley and Seth were all three excited about this gift. Of course Chris and Uncle Lonnie were looking forward to the rally too. Melody went along so that there would be an adult present to look after these five. Ally Oop, Riley and Seth got lots of autographs and their pictures taken with some of the BMX bike and motor bike racers.

Seth's favorite monster truck is Grave Digger. With that said, can you guess who won? Well of course it was Grave Digger. As he was getting his trophy Riley and Oop went wild cheering and screaming. Just look at that picture of the two of them screaming. It was no surprise that they caught Grave Digger's attention. After receiving his trophy, he came into the bleachers and presented his trophy to these three rowdy grandchildren of mine. This trophy is huge. I guess a trophy going to a monster truck need to be a monster trophy. It is every bit as tall as Seth. The whole rally was a thrilling experience for the kids, but receiving that trophy made for a priceless moment and a memory that will live on for a life time.

I remember one of my mother's favorite quotes was, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil". That would always be followed with her advice to "Make yourself heard in life". I know she was looking down from Heaven at her great grand children that night as they were yelling and screaming from the grandstands. She was without a doubt smiling and saying, "I don't have to worry about those three not being heard" !

Have a wonderful weekend and may your life be filled with priceless moments.....

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