Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dona Nobis Pacem

Who among us have not dreamed of a world of peace? It has been a dream of mine since childhood and the days of the Cold War and bomb shelters. Since the days of Howdy Doody or Captain Kangaroo being interrupted to test the signal for the Emergency Broadcast System. Flash forward 55 years and we not only still have to fear the threat of someone pushing the panic button that could destroy all of us, but we also find ourselves living in fear of another terrorist attack on our own soil. Gone are the days of not locking the doors of our homes. The doors of our house was never locked. In fact, I don't know that we ever had a key to the doors or if there was even a lock on them. I find it sad that our children and grandchildren will inherit a world in worse shape than the world we grew up in.

"World peace can be achieved, revealed, offered and manifested on earth when in each person the power of love replaces the love of power."

~ Sri Chinmoy

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."

~ Emerson

"This is the way of peace:

Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love."
~ Peace Pilgrim

May we all follow the path of peace.


Nanna said...

Very Beautiful posting... You have a fine touch with words, Jo. Nice touch with John Lennon's " Imagine" & the other songs...Been sitting here listening to our oldies this AM.Cosby,Stills,& Nash, Cat Stevens and Buffalo Springs... " For What its Worth " about Kent State.Amazed at our Baby Boomer generation intelligence and tenacity back then. Giving Peace a Chance, in our own little family.

Mike Golch said...

Jo,great Blogblast for peace.

Travis said...

Peace to you and yours.

Prixie said... peace! i know it sounds like a beauty pageant line, but i honestly do want it too

Mimi Lenox said...

But the hope remains that mankind will find peace. That is my hope and I pray we find it soon.

I have placed your peace globe and link in the Official Peace Globe Gallery as #1728. Thank you for participating and blogging for peace.
I hope to see you again November 4, 2010!

Dona nobis pacem,