Sunday, January 18, 2009

Louisiana Visit

Early Friday morning, January 2nd found J.D. and I on the road and headed to the South land. I programed Maggie (GPS) the night before and what a nag she turned out to be. She demanded that we take a route that would be putting us on the outskirts of Cincinnati during rush hour traffic. Instead we just continued into to Maysville, KY and took the AA Highway until we were just below Cincinnati and missed all of that heavy traffic. Until we turned south at that point onto I 75/ I 71 Maggie would repeatedly tell us to make a right on every road that led us back to "Her" computed route. I am sure that I was starting to hear an attitude in her voice as she would would announce "computing route". There was a few times when we ignored her direction to turn north that I believe I caught her making an unmistakable hand gesture. No doubt if she had a face we would have seen her rolling her eyes.

We spent the night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where we had a real treat for supper. Popeye's Chicken and red beans and rice for dinner (I love their food and we just don't have them close to here). We arrived at Darlene's (J.D.'s oldest daughter) the afternoon of January 3rd and had the evening to rest up before all of the Louisiana children and grandchildren gathered in the next day. Darlene and Toliver out did themselves with the food. Toliver works off shore and usually brings home tuna that they catch in their free time. He prepared a brisket for us on Saturday and a huge tuna on Sunday. Both were delicious. It was wonderful seeing everyone again and we had a few new family members and soon to be new family members to meet. So Darlene had a full house most of the day on Sunday and if anyone went home hungry it was their own fault because there was plenty of food.

The highlight of the day was when Angela and Nick arrived. They had flown in from Abu Dhabi to visit Warren's grave on January 7th and commemorate what would have been his 16th birthday.

Tomorrow I will be doing my Meaningful Monday post, but promise to be back on Tuesday with some more pictures and stories about our trip to Louisiana and Texas.

Have a wonderful rest of the day.

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Laura ~Peach~ said...

that GPS system we have... I would mock it and I am sure it sent me the bird a few times... it would say each time I stopped to get gas go potty or just take a break... MAKE a U turn as soon as safley possible... and If I di dnot make one in a few second then it woudl say it again LOUDER... and louder... I finally told it to shut up and turned the sound off... I like seeing the little squiggles showing turns in the road and got a kick out of being on NORTH 24 yet heading south. (mountains twist me in all directions LOL
Glad you had a safe trip and glad you are back home!
HUGS Laura