Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birds Of A Feather..... Revisited

Mama and papa bluebirds have really been busy flying in and out of their house. I am looking for the two of them to start coaxing the babies out of the nest any time now. J.D. and I were walking around the property the other day and found a nest with four eggs tucked into the wood pile that J.D. had stacked recently. Out of curiosity he checked the robin's nest in the Clematis vine. The nest was there, but no eggs and we haven't seen the robin for a while. No doubt mama robin decided to find a different neighborhood to take up residence. I am so glad that the situation was resolved quickly. I wouldn't have enjoyed being referee between the robins and bluebirds..

J.D. told me that he saw one of the hummers zipping around the other day. I saw my first finch of the season this morning at one of the feeders. We have been visited by another type of Bluebird every year since we have been here. They could be indigos because they are common to this area, but they look more like the mountain bluebirds that are common to Western USA. No matter what they are rightfully named....they are beautiful.

Chris came with the tiller Friday evening and tilled our garden for us. He left it for J.D. to take another few runs through the garden plot. Now all we need to do is work the dirt up and have it ready to plant around Mother's Day. I can't wait. I love fresh vegetables, especially the ones that we grow ourselves.

I will be gone tomorrow for a stress test, but I have already got the Meaningful Monday post scheduled to publish in the morning. Thanks Nanna for sending this wonderful story to me. I hope you all have a blessed week.

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