Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature....

Do you remember the old TV commercial with the line, "It's not nice to fool mother nature" ? I'm not sure, but I think it was a Parkay margarine commercial. As I watched the weather forecast before going to bed last night, I was thrilled to see that the over view for the next week showed a lot of days in the 50's. JD told me that it was 5 degrees out when he got up this morning. Now that is just plain cold and no where near springtime temperatures like 50. As I sit here at the computer I can look out the window and see our thermometer and it is pointing at 22 degrees. I see a beautiful snow covered yard that is about 3 inches of ice underneath the snow. We had about an inch of ice to start with, but we have probably added another 2 inches from snow melting and freezing again over the past week. There is enough snow on top of the ice to give your feet traction for walking and what a self esteem booster to think you are so light you can walk on top of the snow without sinking down into it. Like I said, it was exciting seeing all of those 50 degree temperatures across the weather man's forecast chart. We have only just entered the month of February and there is very little hope of the temperatures staying so warm. I am hoping that it won't warm up enough to fool the plants into thinking it is time to wake up and start blooming and then get hit with another ice storm. I have seen it before and I am thinking Mother Nature is teasing us and setting us up for a big let down. Which brings me back to that line from the retro TV commercial.......

"If it's not nice to fool Mother Nature, it isn't real nice to fool us either, Mother Nature!"

I think I mentioned that I received my last Synvisc injection in my knee Monday. That was my third and last one for this treatment. The injections are rather painless. The doctor injects a numbing agent first and then just unscrews the plunger and replaces it with the plunger containing the Synvisc gel and then injects that. I experienced more soreness with the third injection than with the first two. Also, the following day I experienced a sharp stabbing pain occasionally when I put any weight on that knee. It felt a lot like someone stabbing me in the knee with a knife. I didn't have this with the first two injections. As of yesterday though that pain was gone. I can already feel some improvement from the injections in that knee. According to what I have read about Synvisc I should experience improvement into the eighth week after the injections. It would be great if these injections were approved for the hips as well. If they were I would be feeling like a "spring chicken" (to borrow a phrase from my mom) and you couldn't hold me back.
Hope your day is filled with blessings, sunshine and love.


Linds said...

I really hope they work, Jo. Enough with all our knees and pain. So many of us!! You must let us know in 8 weeks!

The snow is here, and I just looked at the 5 day forecast, and we have sleet tomorrow then light snow and then the next 2 days are heavy snow. Good grief. It will all be ice by tomorrow with plummetting temps tonight. I can't wait for spring!

BClark said...

I will take the 22 degrees, would be warm for me. It will probably be April before I see anything resembeling 50 degrees. We did almost make it to 20 last week, and are supposed to get up there again this weekend. While out with the dogs yesterday I walked over what I thought was a shallow place, wrong. I was up to my thighs in a snow bank, was a good workout, getting out. Hope those shots work really well for you. All the best, Barbara

farmlady said...

Oh my gosh. I'm not even going to tell you how beaufiful it has been here because Mother Nature will hear me and bring the summer heat and fires down upon us for bragging about our Winters.

It's amazing how much pain we have to go through to fix something these days. I hope the Synvisc injections do the trick and take the pain away.

Lanny said...

Glad to hear the pain went away and you are looking forward to a good knee. So how come they can use it on the knee and not the hip?

Did you think you were watching someone else's weather report? Sometimes I feel like I'm not even in the same country as the forecast is that I watch on TV

Mary said...


I absolutely love the graphic. Could you let me know where you found it?

We are having mild temperatures here today but there's quite a wind. It is trying to dry things up but we still have lots of snow. It's nice to have the milder temps. It was minus 18 Celcius here on Wednesday night, so above freezing is great.

Your Wordless Wednesday photo is priceless. Thanks for sharing.

Blessings for a great weekend.