Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Is All Good

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Chris and Melody celebrated their anniversary in October. Melody had given Chris tickets to the Larry the Cable Guy performance December 5th in Columbus. So they could get an early start and be able to eat before the show, Papaw and I went to town to pick the boys up from school and the sitter's house and took them out to eat. We had a really nice evening with the boys. Riley tried to play with the train, but Seth had different ideas on how he should go about playing with it. Then Riley tried playing with his army guys, but of course he wasn't doing it right and Seth thought he should help. Poor Riley finally gave it up and decided to watch some TV. Guess what...... Seth decided he needed to help Riley with that too. Somewhere in the mix of all that Seth tried to share the love his big brother. Seth loves hard sometimes. As you can see from the pictures, Seth is very camera shy..... NOT!

He is such a little camera hound. When the camera comes out and is aimed it at him, he comes running and is more than willing to offer a close up. The zoom feature isn't needed for Seth's close ups either. Somewhere along the way someone has taught him to say Cheese, which he says with each picture. Most times he wrinkles up his nose and squints his eyes when he says it. The child is a riot and seldom is he predictable.

Sunday afternoon I will be taking T~Bear and Britt Christmas shopping. These two girls are a real treat to shop with. They have an eye for a bargain and know how to get their moneys worth. Usually Chris, Melody and their children go to Kentucky for Christmas, but they have decided to stay at home this year. I am so glad that they won't be on the road during the holidays this year. These weeks leading up to and including Christmas eve and day are my favorite part of the year. Any time spent with the children and grand children is 'All Good'.

Hope your week is full of blessings.


Lib said...

Hi JO,
What a Great Post!
I love this time of the yr.also!
Merry Christmas!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

adorable littel camera shy guys :D

Sweetie said...

I enjoy getting to know your grandchildren. The collage is great and I really like the design of your blog.