Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heroes Unaware

Heroes Unaware

I first saw him on a park bench
I've seen him every day
Sitting in a shady grove
Where my children come to play.

Some days he feeds the birds and squirrels
Or whittles little toys
Sometimes he just sits and smiles
At the laughing boys and girls.

And I never paid him any mind
'Till one day just this year
I noticed that he wore a frown
And on his cheek....
A tear.

Well, I asked him why he seemed so down
He looked up, began to say
I lost half my friends
60 years ago today.

He told me of the terror
As he fought to reach dry land
By the time the beach head was secure
Half his friends lay in the sand.

That was just in one long day
He fought on for 4 years more
And the 60 years from then 'till now
Had not dimmed his sights of war.

He said they have reunions
Just to keep in touch and share
And for each comrade that has gone on
They leave an empty chair.

Well, his park bench has been empty now
About 6 months or so
And if I had never took the time
Then I never would've known.

That sitting on that simple bench
With bread crumbs and little toys
Was a man who gave his all
To guarantee my daily joys.

So give thanks to all the men and women
Who are still here or gone before
And made the highest sacrifice
In both peace time and in war.

Because they bought our freedom
Paid their own blood sweat and tears
Then endured the heartache of those empty chairs
For all of these years.

So please do not ignore them
Or speed by without a care
'Cause you never know
When you might pass by...
A Hero Unaware!

~By Mark Knight
22 June 2000


I came across this poem several years ago and posted it here on Moodscapes. It just seemed to fit perfectly with giving tribute to our veterans. I thought it was time to post it again, because the sentiment is far to beautiful to forget. I want to say thank you to all those veterans past and present who have sacrificed for me to live in a world of freedom. 

May God Bless You and Hold You in the Palm of His Hand....


Mike Golch said...

Thank you for shring this.

PEA said...

Such a beautiful poem on this day when we honour all those who have served their countries. In the US you call it Veterans Day and here in Canada we call it Remembrance Day...but they both mean the same:-) May we never forget. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hidy. My name is Mark A. Wright, as in the Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman who wrote this poem. Thank you so much for posting it. I wrote it when I was stationed on the Island of Guam. I was standing in the surf of Assan beach (sp), looking up the horrible hill where 7,000 U.S. Marines, Soldiers and Sailors lost their lives taking that little Island back during WWII. Once again, thanks for posting it and thank you for your dedication to our wonderful men and women in arms and harms way... for us.
Mark Wright, HMC(SS/FMF),USN,RET

Jo Dupree said...

Thank you so much Mark for your comment. I love it when the authors of the poems and stories that I post leaves us all a comment. It just breathes life into my posts. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your service to our country. God Bless Mark.....