Friday, May 21, 2010

Angels Watching Over Me

I realized that I haven't posted much about my knee replacement. So I will correct that right now. I want to thank Theresa, J.D., Melody and Amy for keeping everyone updated on my progress until I came home from the hospital. It is great to know that I have this kind of support. I love you all!! The last few things that I remember before the surgery was my Doctor came in and asked me what my name was and what knee he would be doing the surgery on. He then autographed my knee. The Anesthesiologist then came in and explained that he would be doing a spinal block, as well as putting  me to sleep. The next thing I knew, I was waking up and the nurse was putting the button to the magic pain machine in my hand and giving me the instructions on how it worked.

As I drifted in and out of sleep I remember my leg being on a machine that continuously kept it in motion. When I was awake enough to realize that the pain medications were wearing off and my leg had been moving with the help of the machine for quite some time. I was so surprised that I wasn't experiencing the " fight the tears back pain"  that I had before the surgery. I was feeling some soreness but not the searing pain that I have had for the past few years.

I was told by family and a couple of the nurses that at some point during surgery or in recovery my blood pressure had dropped to 40 over 20. I have pondered that information and came to the obvious conclusion that not only do I have Angels watching over me, it just wasn't my time to meet my Creator. So I will just keep on keeping on with what I have been doing and that is mostly paying forward the good that I have received. 

Meanwhile I am keeping up with my physical therapy. The plan was three sessions a week for six weeks. Thursday was my third session. I walked in using my walker and walked out without it...... Not even a cane. The therapist was surprised with how fast I am progressing.  With my first session the range in my knee was at 85% and yesterday it measured 110%. The therapy is painful and at times  I find myself reliving the  "  fight back the tears painfulness "" that I had before the knee replacement. It is the necessary path  though that has to be traveled if I want a full and complete recovery. I will do what has to be done and I will fight back any tears that tries to surface. In the future I will remember to take some pain pills before the session and not after it.

That pretty much catches you up to where I am in my recovery. I am hoping to get around to do some more visits as I continue to improve and the stiffness and soreness in my knee becomes less. Until then I am hoping that you have sunshine in your days and the wonderful sounds of springtime in your nights.    



Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Quite the experience, I am so glad your talking about it, next Monday I go see the doctor about knee surgery, I need a new knee its taken me years to work up the guts to go see a doctor about my knee.
I have had so many surgeries in the past and like you say ... you do wake up to some scary pain....I am a slow healer to boot...
My son promised a cruise/ trip and I want to go but I need good knees to do it.And I am tired of eating tylenol like tictacs....
Good luck to you and your new knee

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Jo,

Welcome back! I'm glad to hear all went well with your surgery. :)

Very best,

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Jo!

I'm so happy to hear you're doing so good!! And yes, ALWAYS take the pain meds BEFORE the therapy! I learned that after back surgery yrs ago. It sounds like you are being a good girl and that's what it takes, perseverance and knowing when you're pushing it too far. In other words, common sense. Take good care of yourself friend, I will be praying for you!

Big hugs, Sherry

farmlady said...

You're doing so well Jo. I'm just so ga'll darn proud of you. Keep doing the exercises even when they give you fits. That range of motion is what will make this whole operation worth the effort.
Love ya'll, Elly Mae

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your progess is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Mountain Mama said...

I pray you will continue to heal quickly and will be dancing again soon!

My daughter has a lot of knee pain but she was told it is arthritis and surgery won't help. It breaks my heart to see her struggle to keep up with her sisters.

Take care and keep up the good attitude.
God Bless

Kate said...

Hi Jo, I'm so glad to hear that your health is improving so much, helped I'm sure by your great attitude!

Hugs, Kate x.

Kate said...

Hi again Jo, I loved the poem 'Childhood doesn't Wait' I hope you don't mind - I copied it and would ask if I could put it in a future blog ?? It's beautiful and sooo true. It's unfortunate that we don't realize just how much our actions affect our children, at least not until we grow older and understand how quickly time goes ...

Hugs across the pond - Love Kate x.

PEA said...

My friend and neighbour, June, had her knee replacement surgery on Feb. 25th and she's going through the same thing you are. She said she still has a lot of pain but it's the pain she had before the surgery. Her problem right now is the swelling that she's still having and making it hard for her to walk. Sounds like you're doing really well with your physio and before you know it, you'll be able to do lots of things you couldn't do before your surgery:-) xoxo

BClark said...

Hi Jo, I have been meaning to stop by but things are pretty hectic. I guess also I tend to hermit up when things are not going real well. Jim is still out of work but we are getting by, I just worry. So glad your knee surgery went so well and your recovery. Sounds like that machine that kept your knee moving gave you a good start. I can remember the pain when I had knee surgery and you had a replacement. Must feel so good to be more mobile and pain free. Best to you