Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Blessings

May those who love us, love us
And those who don't love us,
May God turn their hearts
And if he can't turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping!
Not long ago I posted a prayer request for a friend's son that has been missing since December. I have since put together a blog page with his picture and other information. Marty's mother, Patty has been in bad health for years, but has recently started spitting up blood and bleeding rectally. Please keep Patty and Marty in your prayers and take a look at the blog page: "Marty Is Missing" . If you could please direct others to Marty's blog page it would be greatly appreciated by his family. Even if someone has seen his car, that would give the family something to hold on to and perhaps give them some hope.

How about that AIG......... I guess when they received that stimulus money from Washington DC they must have thought that they had found the legendary Pot Of Gold at the end of the rainbow. They asked for that money on the basis that their business was failing. Then they turn right around and give "HUGE" bonuses to their top executives. Evidently if their business was failing, the bonuses weren't for going above and beyond as far as raking in the profits for the year. Or were they???? Do you think maybe they considered the stimulus check a profit? I am just glad to see that the government is monitoring these companies and will hold them accountable for not using that money as they were supposed to. There may be a bright light at the end of the tunnel after all.

Spring is right around the corner. It has been giving us previews for the past week and I have enjoyed every hour of the warm weather. I have been gathering records to get our taxes done. Mission accomplished on that job...... Uncle Sam gave us a very small refund and we get to send 75% of it to the state for the taxes we owe them. With Spring we will also be doing Melody's birthday dinner Sunday. I will be serving her favorite dish, my fried chicken. She will be sharing her birthday dinner with Britt, since we went to Louisiana right after her birthday and didn't do her birthday dinner. We will be adding Britt's favorite, chicken and noodles to the menu. Ohhh wait..... We aren't finished yet. Tersie has been seeing a special someone for a little while now and Michael's birthday was in January too. So we are just going to celebrate them all. I am waiting for Michael's favorite dish request. Meanwhile I have a cornbeef brisket cooking for supper and will be adding some cooked cabbage and cornbread to our supper menu. Can you say..... mmmmmmmmmmmmm? I'll be saying that when it starts sending out it's wonderful aroma through the house.

Go mbeannai Dia duit
(May God Bless You)


Lanny said...

mmmmhmmm ahhhh.

Have a great day!

Juli said...

We'll make prayers for Marty and his family.

I'm so glad Buddy found you, or you him :)

I hope your day is wonderful and filled with good green things :)

Jess said...

Hi Jo... hope all is well with you. I will be praying for that request.

Don't even get me started on the AIG stuff...LOL

Have a good rest of the week
Happy Green Day
Love, Jess

farmlady said...

"Go mbeannai Dia duit" to you as well, my friend.