Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am wondering what has happened to the bailout for Wall Street. J.D.'s retirement is wrapped up in company stocks. For the past year they have been bobbing up and down by ten to thirty cents in the great sea that is the stock exchange. All of a sudden they took a nose dive and has been struggling to stay afloat. It took place before we even knew what was happening. A few days ago, I checked it at closing and saw that it had gone up by $1.87. Wow...... it was finally starting to come back up. Yesterday it went down a few cents, I thought no big deal, it's just a few cents. ..........And then there was today! It sank like someone had tossed rocks on it. It was down $3.02. I thought all that money that the government was throwing at Wall Street was to help build confidence and get the stock market moving upward again. Guess what! It isn't working! Is it possible that I misunderstood what the bailout money was supposed to do? Someone please clarify this for me. I am thinking perhaps my mind was spaced out from Fibro Fog when they were talking about what the bailout was supposed to accomplish.

Today was a great day. Melody went to a Trace Aikens concert this evening and Chris couldn't leave work early to get the boys from latch key and the sitter. We volunteered to take care of them until their Daddy got home. Seth has a tendency to throw an occasional fit from time to time. Tonight was one of those times. He wanted to go outside and it was starting to get dark so he didn't get to. He did his little madman dance and screamed and cried a bit and did his dance again. We just ignore him when he is throwing these fits and they usually pass pretty quick. Tonight was different though...... Grandma and Pappaw ignored him, but Riley chose to hug his little brother and whisper in his ear over and over, "It's OK Seth, Bubby is here for you!" The way that Riley reached out to Seth and offered him comfort, really touched me. It had quite a calming effect on Seth too. Riley, you are a wonderful big brother and Grandma is very proud of you.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Mary said...


Loved your peace blog and yes, if grandmothers ruled the world there would be peace.

The financial crisis is far from over. Here in Canada, people are losing their pensions because they were invested. To me that is tantamount to stealing, but such is life.

I hope that things take a turnaround for you and your hubby.


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nanna said...

Just love that Seth... They'll be close as men. We have a GK (GrandKid) like Seth. She is the oldest and the Rock to her siblings. Her tenderness amazes.
We have 1 like Riley. He does the "Hissy-Fit" Dance. Only boy. The youngest. Used to work in a Bank.
Bailout supposed to go to the banks,not the stocks, I think...And not been distributed around yet... Will researh and ask around.
Love, Nanna

Betty said...

Jo, I agree it is a very scary time with the stock market dropping the way it is doing. My retirement and Ed's is wrapped up in two major companies who's stock is continually dropping, Ford and General Motors.