Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem

Dona Nobis Pacem

"One little person, giving all of her
time for peace, makes news.
Many people, giving some of
their time, makes history."
~Peace Pilgrim

As I think of my children and grandchildren I have always wished for them a world where they would know Peace. Unlike the world that I grew up in. A world that when we weren't involved in a war, the threat of war has always hung heavily in the air all around us. A world where shelters were built or at least talked about, not to keep the family safe from tornadoes and other disastrous storms, but from the chance that war might some day come to America. 

This year, the first of another generation for my family was born. As I watch my Great Granddaughter sleeping in my arms, I feel an urgency to see a world of Peace for this little one and other children of her generation that will come into this world. But how do we bring about Peace? I am 65 years old and in my lifetime Peace has not been realized. All of my life it seems that Peace has been no more than a dream with wings. A dream that flits and flies about just out of reach from becoming a reality. It comes close enough to brush against our fingertips. Close enough to feel the gentle movement of it's wings, yet never coming to rest anywhere.

For centuries, some of the most gifted minds of our world have shared their message that we will find Peace within our own individual hearts. However no one chose to listen. We need to heed those words while we still can.

May we all look within for Peace and then share it with the world. 

I wish you Peace!

In my dreams the world is filled with Peace .....


Anonymous said...

Very well said..!
Looking forward to your next post.

Mike Golch said...

Well said Indeed,Peace be with you My Friend.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely peace globe and message. Best wishes on the new generation in your life. Peace!

Unknown said...

With over seven billion people in the world, surely someone can come up with an answer...I hope so anyway. Or maybe it is just this, we are the answer. Each one of us...part of the whole answer. We live in hope.

Peace to you and yours (and congratulations on becoming a grandmother!)

Annelisa x


Kate said...

Hi Jo,

I had a call from my daughter in law this morning to say she had received a message from you ..... I've been so busy during the last few months that I have not been spending very much time on my computer ... I don't know if you remember but my husband had a stroke just over a year ago and I have been running about like a mad woman and caring for him ! This meant that I became ill through overdoing it.

I am trying to rest more now Jo, so God willing things will improve. I had to close my Facebook account as it was hacked ( some 'twit' was playing silly beggars they (FB ) have (I think) got 5 Facebook accounts in my name... MADNESS !

I hope to get back into it again in the future ...

Hope you can make sense of the foregoing.... and that you and your family are OK and looking forward to Christmas ... Lots of Good Wishes enclosed with this message.

Cheers, Kate (Lyn).